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Dear members, 

The past few weeks have seen the introduction of tougher restrictions put in place by the Australian Government in order to combat the COVID-19 virus. Life is very different for us all at present, with the social distancing restrictions seeing many businesses being forced to close, resulting in many workers being unemployed or stood down indefinitely.  All non-essential travel has been banned, unless it is for work related travel or shopping for the basics. 

Club events are simply not possibly under these current circumstances and until such time that these restrictions have been lifted, The Falcon GT Owners Club of NSW regrets to inform it members  that all club events up until mid-May have been cancelled. The committee is hopeful that our club concours scheduled for the 31st of May can still take place if these restrictions are scaled back, with a reserve date in September locked in if we need to postpone the concours. 

With regards to all club rego cars, it is business as usual, with no restrictions in place from the RMS however, if you are to drive your club registered car, you must ensure your travel is classified as ‘essential’ as per the government guidelines otherwise you run the risk of a significant fine. It should be noted that these fines apply to all non-essential travel in any motor vehicle, not just historic rego cars. 

As you all can appreciate, this is uncharted waters for us all and if we all do our part with sticking to the guidelines around social distancing and especially maintaining a high standard in hygiene, this pandemic should be over sooner rather than later. 

As previously mentioned, your committee will continually monitor the ever-evolving situation and will make an informed decision about our scheduled events from mid-May onwards and determining as to whether these events will take place.  

Again, all future correspondence surrounding the developments of COVID-19 will be communicated by Facebook, our website, via text message and also via email to ensure all members are fully informed. 
In the meantime, please stay safe, look after yourself and also your families, and please check in with anyone that may be vulnerable during this time and offer any support if necessary. 

The committee continues to remain hopeful that these current restrictions will ease sooner rather than later and that we can all get on with 2020, and back to enjoying our passion for the Falcon GT together. 


Scott Willoughby 
President - FGTOCNSW 
0423 154 092