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Dear Members,

Due to the ongoing COVID situation that the Greater Sydney Area is currently being faced with, the committee regrets to inform the membership that all club scheduled events for both August and September have been cancelled.

The next club event scheduled at present is the October Club Meeting, which is currently scheduled for Monday 11th October. At this meeting, the AGM will be held, seeing a new committee being voted in for the next 2 years.

The current committee will remain in a caretaker position its current form, until our bi-annual AGM can be held.

A friendly reminder to any member who booked accommodation for the Bathurst Weekend run, that you will need to cancel your booking unfortunately.

Once the NSW Government starts to remove the current restrictions, the club will send out another formal update to the membership, to provide direction on how our club events will resume.

In the meantime, please be safe and check in with your fellow club during this very challenging time, as this pandemic has been extremely hard for most.


Scott, Tony, Andrew, and David

FGTOCNSW Committee

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